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          Jiujiang Qianfa Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., formerly known as Taizhou Qianfa Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in 2003 and located in Hailing Industrial Park, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province. The enterprise is a professional research and development and production and sales of organic peroxide initiator, curing agent, catalyst, curing agent enterprise. The company has a sound product quality assurance system, advanced production technology, complete analytical and experimental instruments, with advanced scientific and technological level, efficient management and reliable products, sell well in the country, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and other countries.
          For the sustainable development of the enterprise, the company invested 65 million yuan in Jinshawan Industrial Park, Hukou County, Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province to build a construction project with an annual output of 6000 tons of benzoyl peroxide, 3000 tons of tert butyl peroxide and 400 tons of Di tert butyl peroxide. The company's new site covers an area of 31.57 mu.
          Construction scale and main construction contents of the project: new office building, workshop, warehouse, fire circulating water pump room, power transformation and distribution room and other infrastructure and auxiliary rooms. Purchase main production equipment such as reactor, refrigerator, metering tank and filter.
          The production technology of benzoyl peroxide, tert butyl peroxide benzoate and di tert butyl peroxide is from Taizhou Qianfa Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., which has been operating safely for many years. The production technology is mature, reliable, advanced, with high product quality and low production pollution, which is widely used in domestic related enterprises. The automation and mechanical level of the project is high, and the equipment is well sealed. DCS automatic control system is adopted for centralized control. SIS safety instrument is also provided for dangerous chemicals that constitute major hazard sources and hazardous chemical processes under key supervision
          The system can detect, display, interlock, control and alarm in the production process of the device, and the construction unit has many years of production experience of the product, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole process.
          After the project is completed and put into operation, about 50 new jobs will be created, with annual sales revenue of 200 million yuan and profits and taxes of 10 million yuan.

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